PictureMode Interface

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The PictureMode interface offers methods to set and fix to a particular mode.
By fixing the picture mode to a particular mode, an application can avoid a blinking screen even if the contents on it are changed.

Picture mode can be fixed in the manifest ("fixed_input: true"). In this case, the picture mode setting in the manifest is prioritized and this JavaScript API is ignored.

Methods Interface

  • DOMString getPictureMode()

    getPictureMode() method gets current picture mode.

  • void setPictureMode(DOMString mode)

    setPictureMode() method changes and fixes the picture mode. The mode parameter is one of three strings: 'VIDEO', 'PHOTO' and 'AUTO'. If the picture mode is set to other than 'AUTO', the picture mode is fixed until it is set to 'AUTO'.


  • Set Picture Mode
      function setPictureModeCall(mode) {
      // Set picture mode as 'VIDEO'
      // Set picture mode as 'PHOTO'
      // Set picture mode as 'AUTO'
Last modified: 15 Feb 2019