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The package contains the following. Please check its content before use.

  • sony folder:
    Contains this software. Never change the files in this folder or the folder name because it may not work correctly.

  • manual folder:
    Contains the user guides of the software

    • SimpleMediaPlayer2_UserGuide_ja.pdf : This document (Japanese)

    • SimpleMediaPlayer2_UserGuide_en.pdf : This document (English)

  • media folder:
    Contains sample contents for startup

  • tools:
    Contains tools to convert slides created with Microsoft PowerPoint to image files. Refer to readme.txt on how to use.

  • NOTICE.txt :
    Information related to open source licenses that this software uses

  • RELEASE_NOTE_ja.txt :
    Release note of the software (Japanese)

  • RELEASE_NOTE_en.txt :
    Release note of the software (English)

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