Device Resource URI

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In the REST API, standard URI structure, as defined by RFC 3986 external link, is used to represent the device’s resources. Schemes are used to refer to device resources. The URI is basically provided from devices/servers, and a client should not change/modify the URI.

Defined Schemes

scheme type Description
extInput input
External input resources

Defined Sources

scheme source Description
extInput:cec CEC input resource
extInput:component Component external input resource
extInput:composite Composite external input resource
extInput:hdmi HDMI external input resource
extInput:widi Wi-fi display resource


HDMI external inputs are shown as

  • extInput:hdmi?port=1
  • extInput:hdmi?port=2
  • extInput:hdmi?port=3
  • extInput:hdmi?port=4

Component external inputs are shown as

  • extInput:component?port=1
  • extInput:component?port=2
  • extInput:component?port=3
  • extInput:component?port=4

Wi-Fi display input is shown as

  • extInput:widi?port=1

CEC recorder inputs are shown as

  • extInput:cec?type=recorder&port=1
  • extInput:cec?type=recorder&port=2
  • extInput:cec?type=recorder&port=3

CEC player inputs are shown as

  • extInput:cec?type=player&port=1
  • extInput:cec?type=player&port=2
  • extInput:cec?type=player&port=3

CEC tuner inputs are shown as

  • extInput:cec?type=tuner&port=1
  • extInput:cec?type=tuner&port=2
  • extInput:cec?type=tuner&port=3

CEC input for other devices is shown as

  • extInput:cec?type=freeuse
Last modified: 25 Dec 2019