setActiveApp (v1.0)

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This API provides functions to launch an application.


http://<Base URL>/appControl

Authentication Level



params' Elements
An object composed of the following pair(s).
name type multiplicity default description
uri string 1 URI of target application.
"localapp://webappruntime?url=target_url" - launch target_url.
"localapp://webappruntime?manifest=manifest_url" - launch an application in manifest_url.
"localapp://webappruntime?auid=application_unique_id" - launch the application in auid=application_unique_id in the USB storage.
JSON Example
    "method": "setActiveApp",
    "id": 601,
    "params": [{
        "uri": "localapp://webappruntime?"
    "version": "1.0"


result's Elements
Not necessary.
JSON Example
    "result": [],
    "id": 601
Error Code
The following error codes are important for this API. Refer to error code for other errors.
code Explanation
41400 Another request is in progress
41401 Failed to launch, for example, because another application is running.
41402 Request is accepted, but the completion of application launch cannot be decided.
Last modified: 7 May 2021