getPowerStatus (v1.0)

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This API provides the current power status of the device.


It is possible that some devices may not respond when they are in the power off state.


http://<Base URL>/system

Authentication Level



params' Elements
Not necessary.
JSON Example
    "method": "getPowerStatus",
    "id": 50,
    "params": [],
    "version": "1.0"


result's Elements
An object composed of the following pair(s).
name type multiplicity default description
status string 1 Current power status. The following values are defined.
  • "standby" - Device is in the power off state.
  • "active" - Device is in the power on state.
JSON Example
    "result": [{"status": "standby"}],
    "id": 50
Error Code
No additional error codes are defined. Refer to error code for common errors.
Last modified: 25 Dec 2019