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Simple IP control is a TCP based low level protocol and is designed for people who are familiar with CIS (Custom Installation Services) and/or A/V control systems.

Simple IP control listening port is TCP 20060 on BRAVIA Professional Display. The data format of this protocol is 24 bytes fixed-size data, and it has many commands.

Enable Simple IP control

  1. Enable remote device control

    1. [HOME] Settings
    2. Network and Internet
    3. Remote device settings
    4. Control remotely
    5. Enable
    [Default: Enable]

  2. Enable “Simple IP control”

    1. [HOME] Settings
    2. Network and Internet
    3. Home network setup
    4. IP control
    5. Simple IP control
    6. Enable
    [Default: Disable]

Getting Started

The following is a simple example with netcat command on Linux. It can send TCP data and communicate with BRAVIA Professional Display easily.

Connect to your BRAVIA Professional Display:

$ netcat [IP address] 20060

Send “Power Off” Request:



Last modified: 17 Jun 2022