[WQ-BS1] The firewall inbound rules are not deleted after uninstalling WQ-BS1.

When installing WQ-BS1, the rules for BRAVIA Signage Server and Apache are added to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

There are exceptional cases where these rules cannot be deleted when uninstalling WQ-BS1 with setup.bat depending on the Windows OS edition and configurations.

To avoid this, either of the following is needed:

  • Before uninstalling WQ-BS1 with setup.bat, turn off Windows Firewall from [Control Panel] [Security and System] [Windows Firewall].

  • Delete the rules manually using the following procedure:

    1. Open [Control Panel] [System and Security] [Windows Firewall], and click [Advanced settings] on the left.
    2. The [Windows Firewall with Advanced Security] window is opened. Select [Inbound Rules] on the left.
    3. Delete both “BRAVIA Signage Server” and “Apache 2.4”.