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Export Pro settings


Exports “Pro Mode” settings done in the “Pro Settings Mode” for the cloning function.

The following data is exported.

  • All Pro settings
  • Settings on the Settings table that have a check mark in the “USB export” column


[How to export setting files from BRAVIA Professional Display to USB memory]
  1. Insert USB memory to BRAVIA Professional Display.

  2. Select the function.

  3. Notification appears. Select EXPORT to proceed.

  4. After export is done, setting files are stored in USB.

[How to import setting files from USB memory to another BRAVIA Professional Display]
  1. Insert USB memory with extracted data to BRAVIA Professional Display.

  2. Notification appears. Select IMPORT to proceed.

  3. Setting is imported.


Only supported between the same software version / model name / region.

Last modified: 3 Jul 2020