Touch Assistant


This application provides the “Back” button and “Home” buttons displayed on applications when using BRAVIA with Multi-Touch Overlay Kit. Users can return to the previous screen and go Home menu without using the remote controller.

The officially supported OS version is Android 8.0 (O) or later.

Back, Home, Settings buttons are displayed on the BRAVIA

Image for annotation function of BRAVIA Meeting

Set button size, portrait or landscape.

The buttons can be minimized.


Version Release Date Download Release Notes
2.0.1 29 Sep 2022

  • Fixed a problem with multi-touch not working.

How to install

  1. Switch to Pro settings mode.

  2. Copy touch-assistant.apk to USB memory and insert it to BRAVIA.

  • If you are installing in BZ35F Series, use toucch-assisntant-BZ35F.apk.
  1. Select Install APK
  1. Launch Touch Assistant application from Android Home > Apps.

  2. If you want to use Touch Assistant in Pro mode, please enable it in pro setting.

    1. Settings
    2. Pro settings
    3. Apps
    4. Touch Assistant: Enable