1. Overview

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BRAVIA Meeting Client is an application that links to the BRAVIA in meeting rooms with BRAVIA Meeting installed to improve the efficiency of meetings and create lively communication. You can do the following with BRAVIA Meeting Client.

  • My Shot
    • Capture the screen of your own computer as a still image and display it on the meeting room BRAVIA, and clear the image you displayed when you’re done.
  • Me Shot
    • Download and save My Shot images that were displayed on the meeting room BRAVIA or images that were drawn using the drawing function to your own computer.
  • My Touch
    • Use mouse and touch panel controls on your own computer to display the pointer on the meeting room BRAVIA and draw pictures using the annotation function. And draw picutres on your conputer and send them to the meeting room BRAVIA.
  • Me Touch
    • Use the touch controls with the meeting room BRAVIA which is equipped with the touch panel to operate your own computer remotely.