1. Overview

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

BRAVIA Meeting provides a means of comfortably using a BRAVIA that is installed in a meeting room.

You can select either the free or paid version of BRAVIA Meeting to suit your specific requirements.

Common Functions

You can use the following main functions in both the free and paid versions of BRAVIA Meeting:

  • Automatic switching of inputs
    • This software can automatically execute input switching.
    • BRAVIA automatically displays the PC screen simply by connecting the external input terminal to the PC.
  • Automatic power OFF function
    • This software automatically turns BRAVIA OFF after a fixed period of inactivity (no input or operations performed) has elapsed.
  • Presentation timer
    • This software allows you to display a timer on the screen simply by one-touch operation of the remote control.
  • Customizing the home screen
    • You can customize the home screen as you like. For example, playing back still images or videos or embedding your favorite web page.
    • You can customize the names of external inputs or icon images.
  • Customizing the Help page
    • You can specify the URL of your favorite web page as the Help page.

Functions in Paid Version

You can use the following functions in only the paid version of BRAVIA Meeting:

  • BRAVIA Meeting Server
    • You can manage BRAVIAs on which BRAVIA Meeting Display Software is installed.
    • You can automatically turn a connected BRAVIA ON and OFF with the power schedule setting.
    • Local admin accounts and OAuth2 authentication for the admin page are supported.
  • Annotation mode (draw function)
    • You can draw annotation overlaying a connected external input.
    • You can use the screen as a whiteboard when there are no connected external inputs.
  • Schedule collaboration with groupware
    • You can display the reservation status of the meeting room on the BRAVIA Meeting home screen in collaboration with groupware.
    • The following groupware is supported:
      • G Suite (Google Calendar)
      • Microsoft Office 365
      • Microsoft Exchange
  • Video Conference
    • BRAVIA Meeting supports video conference between two BRAVIAs with a USB camera or a USB microphone. You can select either video and audio mode or audio only mode when you start video conference.
  • You can perform the following by using the companion applications of BRAVIA Meeting that are installed on a Windows device or a Mac.
    • Capture & Send / Video Mirroring
      • You can capture the screen of your computer as a still image, and either display it on the BRAVIA in the meeting room or delete the displayed image. You can also display the screen of your computer on the BRAVIA in the meeting room through screen mirroring.
    • Get display image
      • You can download the screen image displayed on the BRAVIA in the meeting room or what you have drawn with the Draw function, and save that on your computer.
    • Remote Pointer
      • By operating the mouse of your computer or by touch panel operation, you can display a pointer on the BRAVIA in the meeting room or draw with the Draw function.
    • Remote Operation
      • You can remotely operate your computer by touch operation on the BRAVIA in the meeting room if it has a touch panel.
    • Changing External Input
      • You can change the external input or return the screen to HOME on the BRAVIA in the meeting room.
    • Start Video Conference
      • You can launch a video conference on the meeting room BRAVIA.