1. What is BRAVIA Signage

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

BRAVIA Signage is an application to deliver video and images to displays and manage the information via network. The feature and support media formats are as follows:

  • Display Management
    You can manage the information and status (online, offline, etc.) of displays connected with the Network, and make groups to manage displays.

  • Power Schedule Management
    You can register and manage the display power schedule by specifying the date, day of the weeks, and time.

  • Playlist
    You can manage playlists with content URLs and content on the contents library. Supports video, still images, HTML content. You can preview the content of playlists and download content to displays before playing them back on displays.

  • Schedule Delivery Management
    You can manage the content delivery schedule by specifying the date, day of the week, and time.

  • Interrupt Delivery
    Supports not only schedule delivery, but also interrupt delivery to deliver content during emergencies and irregular intervals.

  • Contents Library
    You can upload and manage content if the web server runs on the same server that BRAVIA Signage Server runs on.

  • Contents Creation
    You can create contents by specifying the layout and materials. Supports video and still images, HTML, and external input of display as material types.

  • Event Log
    Monitor event logs, display state transitions, content playback results, etc.

  • Settings
    Configure the settings of these features. You can also configure the mail report and schedule reboot.

  • Video
Content File format Video codec Audio codec
(*1) Available only on a BRAVIA 4K model. The maximum frame rate is 3840x2160@60p.

Video codec Specification
MPEG4 part10
BP@L3, MP@L4, HP@L4, 3D in top-and-bottom, side-by-side is supported
MPEG4 part10 (4K) (*1) BP@L4.2, MP@L4.2, HP@L4.2, 3D is not supported
HEVC (4K) (*1) MP@L5.1, M10@L5.1, 3D is not supported
AAC-LC 32k, 44.1k, 48k / 384kbps(max) / up to 5.1ch
HE-AAC 32k, 44.1k, 48k / (ISO/IEC 14496-3 compliant / profile level3) / up to 2ch
(*1) Available only on a BRAVIA 4K model. The maximum frame rate is 3840x2160@60p.
  • Photo
Content File format
Still image PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP
4K Still image (*2) JPEG
(*2) Available only on a BRAVIA 4K model.
  • Language

The web application on BRAVIA Signage Server supports English, Japanese, and Chinese. Other languages are not supported and are displayed in English. (Depends on the server and browser settings.)