Remote Commander

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Key Events

Key events are delivered when signaled from BRAVIA Professional Display remote commander. HTML5 Application can handle the “HOME”, “CH+/-“, arrow keys, and so on. An application can provide display features without launching BRAVIA Professional Display’s default applications.

The rest of keys can also be handled in an application when they are manually declared in manifest.json.
The example below shows how to define the HOME, CH+ and CH- keys.


"app": {
  "launch": {
    "local_path": "file://localhost/doc/index.html",
  "attachkeys": [

The example below shows how to use them in an application.

document.onkeydown = function(e) {
  if (e.keyCode === VK_HOME) {
    // Please implement a home key behavior here.

Please visit Key Events for the list of user key events. You can also download a sample application that shows how to handle key events delivered from a remote commander.

Last modified: 1 Mar 2019