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This section describes the Web Standard Features supported on BRAVIA Professional Display.

HTTP Authentication

Authentication Scheme Name Status Notes
Basic Supported RFC2617 Section 2
Digest Supported RFC2617 Section 3

HTTP Accept-Language header

Accept-Language field holds main language as the first priority and English as the second.

e.g.) ja,en;q=0.8

URI Schemes

Item Status Notes
http Supported RFC7230 Section 2.7.1
https Supported RFC7230 Section 2.7.2
data Supported RFC2397


Item Status Notes
Web Fonts Supported  
Canvas Supported  
Viewport Not Supported  

JavaScript & Web APIs

Item Status Notes
Web Storage Supported Up to 1MB per domain, 5MB in total
Offline Web Applications Supported Up to 5MB per domain, 10MB in total
Selectors Supported  
WebSocket API Supported  
Web Workers Supported  
Packaged Web Apps (Widgets) Not Supported  
Application Cache Supported (only on WebAppRuntime v1.2.65.11) 64MB in total
Indexed Database API Not Supported  
Geolocation API Not Supported  

JavaScript Dialogs

Item Status Notes
alert Supported  
prompt Supported  
confirm Supported  
file Not Supported  


Item Status Notes
WebGL Supported  
SVG Supported  

Audio & Video

Item Status Notes
MediaElements Supported  
Last modified: 20 Aug 2019