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Files and Directories Structure

You can launch your HTML5 application by specifying auid in USB: /sony/autorun.txt.

When you connect a USB storage, BRAVIA Professional Display always checks /sony/autorun.txt. If it finds the file and auid, it also checks the value of auid in /sony/apps/webapps/<application_name>/app/manifest.json. If it finds the same auid with /sony/autorun.txt, it launches that application.

USB: /sony/
          +--- autorun.txt // auid
          +--- apps/webapps/
                           +--- <application_1>/app/manifest.json // auid_1
                           +--- <application_2>/app/manifest.json // auid_2
                           +--- :

Key and Value Structure

autorun.txt is based on the JSON Key/Value format. The data types of all are string. “auid” is mandatory, and the others are optional.

The following is an example describing the all parameters with the default values.

  "action": "auid",
  "auid": null, // Mandatory // "<auid>"
  "copyapp": {
    "app": null,            // "<auid>" or ["<auid_1>", "<auid_2>", ...]
    "media": "nocopy",
    "mode": "confirm",
    "startup_uri": null,    // "<auid>"
    "home_menu_app": "false"
  "removeapp": {
    "app": null,            // "<auid>"
    "media": "keep",
    "mode": "confirm"

The following is the detail of each parameter.

Property Mandatory/
Default Value Description
action Optional auid Configure the behavior when an USB storage is connected.
  • auid : Launch an application identified by this property.
  • copyapp : Install an application to BRAVIA Professional Display.
  • removeapp : Uninstall an application from BRAVIA Professional Display.
auid Mandatory Identify auid (HTML5 Application Unique ID).
copyapp app Optional Define an auid or a list of auids to be installed.
media Optional nocopy The installation behavior on the USB /media directory.
  • copy : Copy contents from USB /media. If the same filename is found on BRAVIA Professional Display, they are overwritten with the one of USB /media.
  • sync : Sync between installed contents and USB /media contents. If the same filename is not found in USB /media, installed contents are removed.
  • nocopy : do nothing for USB /media.
mode Optional confirm Define UI behavior of an installation flow.
  • confirm : Show a dialog in the flow.
  • auto: Not to show a dialog in the flow.
  • dryrun: Not install an application, but launch an application defined in "startup_uri".
startup_uri Optional Identify auid for startup_uri
home_menu_app Optional false Enable the icon in Home Menu (Leanback Launcher).
  • If auid or uri is set to this property, the icon to launch it is enabled in Home Menu.
  • If false or empty string is set to this property, the icon is disabled.
removeapp app Optional Define an application information to be removed.
media Optional keep Define behavior of USB /media contents uninstallation.
  • keep : Not to uninstall media contents.
  • remove : Uninstall media contents.
mode Optional confirm Define UI behavior of uninstallation.
  • confirm : Show a dialog in an uninstalling flow.
  • auto: Not showing a dialog in an uninstalling flow.
  • purge: Uninstall all installed applications and media contents. And show dialog in an uninstalling flow.
Last modified: 25 Dec 2019