Pro mode (Android 8.0)

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Professional settings for professional users

Offering all the functionality you’d expect from a professional display, our Pro Mode technology also provides the ability to customise your settings to suit your requirements. Pro Mode can simplify your operations making this the ideal choice to integrate into a corporate environment.

We understand that our professional users want technology that is intuitive, simple to operate and allows them to create personalised, stunning visual displays with ease. We’ve simplified set up with a range of custom settings that will be remembered for future use, saving you time and effort – once you’ve saved these pro settings they’ll be in place for future use until you decide to alter them.

Setting examples are described in the Tutorial.

Pro setting items

Behaviour customisation

To satisfy the full range of customer requirements the BZ35F series contains specific settings just for the professional user. As well as the basic settings, which can be easily restored should the user need through settings. Custom behaviours that can be personalised include automatic power on/off on HDMI signal, HOME button customisation, PIN lock, power scheduling.

  • Power-on by HDMI plug-in
  • “Home” key behavior
  • Account expiration
  • Fixed initial input source  and more

Function restrictions

BRAVIA comes with some of the most useful and innovative behaviours. Function restrictions can be applied for the maximum volume and the ability to disable to HW switch and a remote commander. These have all been designed with the pro user in mind to ensure that our models are simple to operate, work intuitively and can save you set-up time.

  • Disable key equipment
  • Maximum volume
  • External input source control
  • Screen mirroring setting  and more

Integration flexibility

Not only do BRAVIA models come with the option to import and export straight from a USB flash drive – they include a range of flexible integration options. Through our Pro Mode user interface our integration options are accessible, including Import/Export setting values, installation setting for web-based application and application startup settings. This particular feature allows the user to seamlessly chose how their application runs on starting up the display.

  • Export/import setting values
  • Installation setting for HTML5 applications
  • Start-up applications setting
  • Power on/off control with applications  and more

To get more info, please visit Pro settings

Mode introduction

These professional displays have three modes: Normal mode, when the professional settings are hidden, Pro settings mode when you can access the additional functions required, and Pro mode – the operation mode when the settings are hidden but in use.

The following describes each and how to switch modes. To setup BRAVIA for professional use, you need to switch to Pro settings mode first.


BRAVIA Professional Display has three modes; Normal mode, Pro settings mode and Pro mode. And administrators can switch modes.

  • Normal mode
    • Disables all professional features
  • Pro settings mode
    • BRAVIA special settings mode for professional use. In this mode, the banner “Pro settings in progress” is shown on the upper part of the screen The banner 'Pro settings in progress' is shown on the upper of the screen.
  • Pro mode (Professional mode)
    • BRAVIA professional mode works under special settings

How to switch modes

  • Normal mode

    Administrators can switch modes; From 'Normal mode' to 'Pro settings mode' by 'Pro mode tool'.

    • In Normal mode, the mode can be switched to Pro settings mode with Pro mode tool

        1. [HOME] Apps
        2. Pro mode tool

        'Pro mode tool' icon is shown in [Home] > 'Apps' menu.

  • Pro settings mode

    Administrators can switch modes; Case 1. From 'Pro settings mode' to 'Pro mode' by selecting 'Start Pro mode' in Pro settings menu, Case 2. From 'Pro settings mode' to 'Normal mode' by 'Pro mode tool'.

    • In Pro settings mode, the mode can be switched to Normal mode with Pro mode tool
    • In Pro settings mode, the mode can be switched to Pro mode with the Start Pro mode icon in Pro settings

        1. [HOME] Settings
        2. Pro settings

        'Pro settings' icon is shown in [Home] > 'Settings' menu.

        1. [Pro settings] Actions
        2. Start Pro mode

        'Start Pro mode' icon is shown in [Pro settings] 'Actions' menu.

      1. The following confirmation dialog is displayed when you select the Start Pro mode icon. Press OK to reboot BRAVIA Professional Display.
        Your display will be rebooted when selecting 'OK' in the confirmation dialog.
  • Pro mode

    Administrators can switch modes; From 'Pro mode' to 'Pro settings mode' by Remote Commander.

    • In Pro mode, the mode can be switched to Pro settings mode with the Remote Commander.
Last modified: 28 May 2020