Pro settings > External inputs

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External inputs


  • Defines which input sources are available during Pro Mode.


The number of terminals varies by model.


  1. Select the function.

  2. Select an input.

  3. Select the option.

  • Use with labels
  • Use with labels (Auto disable)
  • Use without labels
  • Use without labels (Auto disable)
  • Not use


  • If set to “Use with labels”, the input info label appears.

  • If set to “Use without labels”, the input info label does not appear.

    Example) HDMI2: Set to “Use with labels”/”Use without labels”. => ”HDMI2” appears.

  • If set to “Not use”, the input is disabled in Pro mode.

    Example) HDMI2: Set to “Not use”. => ”HDMI2” does not appear.

  • If set to “Auto disable”, input is enabled only when the device is connected.

    Example) HDMI2: Set to “Use with labels (Auto disable)”/”Use without labels (Auto disable)”.

    => ”HDMI2” connecting.

Last modified: 13 Dec 2019