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Notice of Software Update for Enhanced Security of BRAVIA Signage12 Apr 2023 (5 June 2023 update)

We have released a software update to fix Remote Command Execution (RCE) vulnerability of BRAVIA signage, an application for distributing and managing digital signage content in BRAVIA Professional Displays.
We recommend that customers whose BRAVIA Signage is Ver.1.8.2 or less to follow the steps below and apply the update.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

【Applicable application software and versions】
BRAVIA Signage Ver.1.8.2 or less

【Update procedure】
Please contact “BRAVIA Professional Displays Support Desk” on the document that came with your BRAVIA Professional Displays to retrieve the necessary files for the update. Once you have the necessary files, please follow the user guide that came with your product to perform the update.

【Contact for inquiries regarding this matter】
Please contact “BRAVIA Professional Displays Support Desk” in the documentation that came with your BRAIVIA Professional Displays.

We would like to thank Brett DeWall & Michael Rand of White Oak Security for notifying us regarding this security vulnerability.