Latest Firmware Release Announcement30 May 2019
The latest firmware (Android 8.0) of BRAVIA for corporate customers has been released. Please visit Firmware Update page for details about the release notes and the latest firmware download.
Multi-touch Overlay Kit30 May 2019
We are pleased to announce the launch of “Multi-touch Overlay Kit” for the BZ35F series of BRAVIA Professional Display. Multi-touch Overlay Kit is an accessory designed for the BZ35F series, co-developed by Sony and Assist Corporation to enhance the usability of BRAVIA Profession Display in environments such as business meetings and classrooms.

Multi-touch Overlay Kit has a stylish design with uniform slim bezels, lightweight thin glass technology, and an easy installation architecture. For classrooms and meeting rooms alike, you can collaborate effectively by pairing our meeting room software, BRAVIA Meeting, and the Multi-touch Overlay Kit.

For more information, please visit the STP-IR Series page.
Sony releases BRAVIA™ 4K BA35G series 4 professional displays18 April 2019
Sony has unveiled its new BA35G series professional displays for China. Screen sizes range from 55 inches to 85 inches, with network control, a three year warranty. The range also features Professional mode (Pro mode), which enables easy installation and smooth operation and allows users to customise display settings easily depending on the application. The BA35G series features a software platform which takes advantage of the built-in CPU/GPU and video decoder, simplifying complex systems with PC/STB/switcher into a single display and reducing TCO.
Release announcement of BRAVIA Meeting1 April 2019
We are pleased to announce the release of software solution BRAVIA Meeting. BRAVIA Meeting is an easy to use software solution using BRAVIA as an effective meeting display.
For more details, please visit BRAVIA Meeting.
Announcing the Formation of Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.1 April 2019
Sony Visual Products Inc., which operates BRAVIA Professional Display Knowledge Center, and Sony Video & Sound Products Inc have merged to form Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc. effective April 1, 2019. Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc operates this web site from now on.
Release announcement of Touch Assistant15 March 2019
We are pleased to announce the release of Touch Assistant. This application provides the “Back” button and “Home” buttons displayed on applications when using BRAVIA with Multi-Touch Overlay Kit. To download APK and get more info, please visit Touch Assistant.
Japanese site is newly opened15 March 2019
We are pleased to announce the new opening of Japanese site of BRAVIA Professional Display Knowledge Center. Users can exchange site's language by choosing your preference from the language selection in the footer.
Release announcement of Android™ 8.0 Oreo™ update31 January 2019
We are pleased to announce the release of Android™ 8.0 Oreo™ update of BRAVIA professional displays. Home menu is upgraded to give users more intuitive way to find which contents are available in each application. To get more info, please visit Firmware Update.
[U.S./Canada] BZ35F series have been certified as ENERGY STAR Version 7.131 January 2019
BRAVIA professional display BZ35F series keep high energy efficiency standard, proved by the official certification of ENERGY STAR Version 7.1. Customer can choose over 500nit ENERGY STAR certified displays until 75inch, best products for meeting rooms, signage and other commercial use.
Announcing the Web Site for BRAVIA Professional Display Developers1 November 2018
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new technical resource website; BRAVIA Professional Display Knowledge Center. With a wide range of information, Knowledge Center is designed for business professionals such as system integrators, engineering and design consultants, application developers, and end user AVIT teams. This page has the most up to date technical and developer information.