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The package contains the following. Please check its content before use.

  • sony folder:
    Contains this software. Though you can use this software by copying it under the root folder of the USB flash memory, never change the files in this folder and folder name because it may not work correctly.

  • manual folder:
    Contains the user guides of the software

    • BRAVIASignageFree_UserGuide_ja.pdf : This document (Japanese)

    • BRAVIASignageFree_UserGuide_en.pdf : This document (English)

    • BRAVIASignageFree_UserGuide_zhs.pdf : This document (Simplified Chinese)

  • media folder:
    Contains sample contents for startup

  • tools:
    Contains tools to convert slides created with Microsoft PowerPoint to image files. Refer to readme.txt on how to use.

  • NOTICE.txt :
    Information related to open source licenses that this software uses

  • RELEASE_NOTE_ja.txt :
    Release note of the software (Japanese)

  • RELEASE_NOTE_en.txt :
    Release note of the software (English)

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