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manifest.json Structure

A manifest file manifest.json contains application information. The Web Application can define information and several settings (e.g. Application ID, Title, Splash Image, Initial URL and so on.)

Field Name Type Description
name Mandatory Application's name
default Mandatory Default Language
en_US Application name in English
ja_JP Application name in Japanese
... Application name in other languages
auid Mandatory Application's unique ID
version Mandatory Version number of the application
manifest_version Mandatory Version number of the manifest
app Application's information
local_path Conditional Local path to the initial page
web_url Conditional URL to the initial page
cold_boot_delay Optional When launching the HTML5 app for the first time after AC ON, specify the delay time in milliseconds. The default value is 0.
Example of usage: Specify the waiting time until the network connection is established.
orientation Optional 0 : normal position (default)
90 : 90 degrees to the right
270 : 270 degrees to the right (90 degrees to the left)
(*)180 degrees isn't supported
bgcolor Optional Browser's background color can be specified (e.g."#FFFFFFFF")
window_close Optional Specify the behavior of the function window.close().
0: disabled (default)
1: enabled
attachkeys Optional Additional keys to be delivered to web app (see also Remote Commander)
alert_dialog Optional ignore : Does not show an alert dialog
confirm_dialog Optional yes : "Yes" is always chosen when the confirm dialog is shown
no : "No" is always chosen
prompt_dialog Optional This value is put always when the prompt dialog is shown
initial_input Optional The picture quality configuration that is applied at default.
video : picture quality configuration for video
photo : picture quality for photo
fixed_input Optional true can be specified to prevent switching picture quality configuration (which increases blinking)
true : picture quality configuration is fixed regardless actual input source
false : picture quality configuration depending on the actual input source that is applied (default)
fixed_picture_mode Optional The picture mode is fixed regardless of the content that is played. If picture_mode is specified, initial_input and fixed_input are invalid.
  • none: The picture mode is automatically switched depending on the content that is played. (Default)
  • game: The picture mode is always fixed to "Game". Use this if you want to reduce HDMI delay.
onsleep Optional The behavior when powering off by remote occurs when the browser runs.
stop : Browser terminates its activity (default)
pause : Browser suspends its activity during a display sleeps. Browser resumes its activity once a display resumes.
continue : Browser keeps its activity.
background Optional Even if the HTML5 platform goes to the background (for example, if you launch the YouTube app while the HTML5 platform is running), Javascript will continue to run.
  • true: Keep Javascript running.
  • false: Stop Javascript. (default)
cache_files_and_images Optional true : enable cache (default) [cache includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Media contents]
false : disable cache
video Optional
multiple_video_tags Optional Specifies simultaneous use of multiple video elements.
  • true: Allows multiple simultaneous use.
  • false: Do not allow simultaneous use. The behavior when multiple video elements are created is after-win processing. (Default)
default Optional It can define the default page of HTTP errors.
(e.g. "")
detail Optional This attribute can specify the error page for for each HTTP status code.
The following is an example to define URLs of 403, 505 and timeout errors.

[ {“status_code” : “403”, “path” : “”} ,
{“status_code” : “500”, “path” : “file://localhost/errordocs/500.html”} ,
{“status_code” : “timeout”, “path” : “file://localhost/errordocs/timeout.html”}]

splash Optional Relative path to the splash image file
reboot Optional true : Relaunches the application automatically when the application crashed
false (default)
minimum_web_platform_version Mandatory Web Platform Version

A template manifest is shown below. The manifest file must be named “manifest.json”.

  "name": {
    "default": "en_US",
    "en_US": "Sample Application of BRAVIA Professional Display"
  "auid": "",
  "version": "1.0",
  "manifest_version": "1.0",
  "app": {
    "launch": {
      "web_url": ""
  "splash": "splash.jpg",
  "minimum_web_platform_version": "1.0"
Last modified: 23 Aug 2023