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You can manage BRAVIA Professional Display from your PC via RS-232C.

To use this function, you need to set the RS232C control to Via serial port:

    1. [HOME] Settings
    2. RS232C control
    3. Via serial port

You must then switch to Normal mode or Pro mode because this function does not work in Pro settings mode when Via serial port is set to a setting other than Via HDMI port.

Communication Parameters

Interface RS-232C
Synchronous Method Asynchronous
Baud Rate 9600 bps
Character Length 8 bits
Parity N/A
Start Bit 1 bit
Stop Bit 1 bit
Flow Control N/A


BRAVIA BZ/BU series has 3.5 mm stereo mini jack for RS-232C serial communication.

Pin Assignment

Communication Basis

  • Send the control command at least 20 seconds after turning the power on.
  • Always send the next command after receiving a response from BRAVIA Professional Display.
  • Set the command interval to at least 500 ms. (When you use CBX-H10/H11, please set it to at least 700 ms)
  • The value range for direct commands is the same as the range that the user can change in the UI menu.
  • When BRAVIA Professional Display is in standby mode, it only receives Power ON or Power Query commands.
  • When using the BZ35F series, to turn on BRAVIA Professional Display, first enable the Standby command. After this, BRAVIA Professional Display can receive the Power ON command.


  • The RS-232C command is sometimes not accepted.
    • BRAVIA occasionally does not accept the RS-232C command. BRAVIA cannot accept the command after the power has been on for about 20 seconds.
    • When using the BZ35F series, BRAVIA cannot accept the RS-232C command while in standby mode if the status of the "Standby" is not enabled. The status can be changed with the RS-232C command. Please refer to the Standby command.
  • Some modes (e.g. Animation) cannot be selected with the Picture Mode/Sound Mode command.
    • Only modes described in the command list can be selected. Please refer to the Picture Mode command and Sound Mode command.
  • When Via serial port is selected, this function does not work in Pro settings mode.
    • Please switch to Normal mode or Pro mode.
  • When Via HDMI port is selected, a control terminal box (CBX-H10 or CBX-H11) is necessary.
    • However these products are already discontinued.
Last modified: 20 Nov 2020