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Web apps installation


Enables users to install HTML5 applications to the BRAVIA internal storage. A USB memory is no longer needed to run local HTML5 applications.



  1. Select the function.

  2. Setting is enabled.

Function details

Enables users to copy HTML5 applications to the BRAVIA internal storage from a USB memory.

How to use
  • First prepare an HTML5 application in the USB memory in the manner described in here.

  • Configure “/sony/autorun.txt”. Following is a sample for installing an HTML5 application. Its “auid” in manifest.json is “”.
    "action": "copyapp",
    "copyapp": {
      "app": [
      "mode": "confirm",
      "startup_uri": ""
  • Insert the USB memory to BRAVIA with the Pro setting mode. The following dialog will be shown.

  • Next, this application will be launched automatically at start-up in Pro mode.
For details on “autorun.txt“, please refer to autorun.txt.


  • Following is the configuration to launch an installed application as the initial app. When you use the “startup_uri” field in autorun.txt, this configuration is run automatically.

  • If you want to prohibit unexpected installation, you need to switch “Web apps installation setting” back to disabled after completing installation .

  • The amount of storage you can use depends on your usage and device model.

    Refer to
    1. [Home] Settings
    2. Device Preferences
    3. Storage
    4. Internal shared storage
    5. Available
    for help.

  • To remove an application, use “removeapp”. Change “Initial input source” from “Start-up app” manually if needed.

  • The “Factory data reset” setting in “Storage & reset” also removes all installed applications.

Last modified: 2 Oct 2020