Crestron Connected

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The app used to connect to Crestron Connected of Crestron, which enables batch management and control of various equipment on the network, is available for use.
You will be able to manage and control the display with Crestron connected when settings are performed after app installation.


  1. Select Crestron Connected on Startup services of Pro settings.

  2. Select “Enable”.

  3. The installer is launched. Proceed with installation following the installation instructions.

  4. The display is rebooted when “OK” is selected.


  1. Select Crestron Connected on the app list of the home menu.

  2. Perform settings.

    • IP Address: Input the IP Address of the device that controls equipment (example: RMC3).
    • IP_ID (Hex): Input the value to identify the device. Input a hexadecimal value from 1 - FF based on the environment.
    • Port: Input the port used for transmission. The Crestron Connected default port is input by default.

Last modified: 7 Jan 2021